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Fidelium Cables


Derived exclusively from electro-magnetic wave equations, Silversmith Audio’s FIDELIUM speaker cables reflect our design philosophy in its purest form:

“A single, ultra-thin ribbon conductor per polarity; seamless from end to end and without traditional, sound-degrading soldered, welded, or crimped connectors; and individually laminated in an extremely thin, yet rugged, polyimide film in order to achieve a geometry with a primarily air dielectric”.

AN EVOLUTIONARY BREAKTHROUGH!  The skin-effect characteristics of our state-of-the-art FIDELIUM alloy are up to 33 times superior to those of copper or silver.  The FIDELIUM speaker cable, already at less than a thousandth of an inch thick, performs as if it were 5.5 times thinner, thus experiencing less frequency dependent attenuation and phase distortion than even a 0.00018 inch thick copper or silver ribbon or 64 gauge wire.

A REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE!  Geometry and alloy advancements contribute to the new FIDELIUM cable’s 330% performance improvement over our previous top-of-the-line PALLADIUM, yet FIDELIUM is only 1/10 the price.  It is also less than half the price of our original SILVER speaker cable line.  A complete stereo set of FIDELIUM speaker cable is available in lengths and prices from 4ft at $795 to 10ft at $1395.


Each FIDELIUM cable is 2.25 inches wide.  The conductive surface is a 0.75 inch square with a 0.25 inch wide notch compatible with most binding posts.

FIDELIUM RCA and XLR interconnect cables are also planned.


Europe Distributor

Fidelium cables from Silversmith are distributed throughout Europe by Hifi4music.


mobile: +39 335 655 8581

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